We Choose To Care

Artisan’s Aromas makes the environmental impact of our products a top priority when choosing which supplies to use. From the wax in our candles and melts, to the material of the wicks, each product, and its impact on the environment, is carefully considered. Balancing between safe for the planet and safe for you, enjoy our eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, animal cruelty-free products.

We believe in honesty and being transparent by using simple ingredients. Below is a list of our products, as well as ideas on how we can reuse and recycle them.


What is the big deal about soy?

By using soy as the wax to make our candles, farmers in the United States are being supported and 100% of the soybeans are being used in one way or another. There are nearly 75 million acres of land planted to soybeans in the United States.

  • Clean Burn

    No toxins or carcinogens are released while burning our soy candles. There are no pollutants, so it won’t bother any allergies. Soy-based candles do not produce excessive soot like you often find in many petroleum based paraffin candles.

  • Long Lasting Candles

    Soy-based candles burn at a cooler temperature. This allows you to enjoy our soy candles up to 50% longer than a typical paraffin candle.

  • Biodegradable

    Our soy candles are made of natural plant based materials, which makes spills a breeze to clean up. It’s also easy on our planet making it safe for you and Earth.

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Fragrance Oils

The oils we use in our soy candles are botanical and synthetic, which are Phthalate Free!

What does this mean? Simply put, botanical oils are made from plants and are natural. However, not all plants are readily available in the masses. For the plants that are near extinction, we choose not to participate in over harvesting. Instead, we use synthetic oils, meaning they are man made to replicate the natural plant’s fragrance. Just like making water by combining two hydrogen atoms with one oxygen atom, -- Hey there you tall glass of H2O -- , synthetic fragrances are made the same ensuring that there are no harmful chemicals.

Bonus, for those who have allergies, synthetic oil fragrances allow us to enjoy scents without suffering!

ECO Wicks

There are thousands of different wicks for candles. Many are bleached, contain lead and other metals. We use cotton wicks braided with thin paper filaments, interwoven for burn stability. The paper threads supply a controlled curling of the wicks making it self-trimming and minimizing mushrooming, soot, and smoke. They have been primed with clean-burning vegetable wax instead of petrol-carbon paraffin wax. A good quality, clean wick is essential for a clean burning candle.

Additive FREE 

We believe that our customers prefer and appreciate a clean burning candle.

  • Many candle additives are used by the candle industry to enhance the candle’s color, scent and burn time. These additives contribute even more damage to our planet.
    Harsh chemicals are used in additives to counteract the natural process of wax. These chemicals may enhance the candles appearance, scent and burn time, but it's harming you and the environment by releasing dangerous toxins with each burn.

  • This is why we are additive free to protect you and our planet. Because of this healthy choice you may notice those imperfection of nature such as, yellowing discoloration of the soy wax and the soy wax pulling away from the glass jar sides.

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