FragrancesMake Sense of our Scents

Apple Pickin:

Mmmmmmm, Apples.

Baking Bread:

Like a Sunday afternoon at grandma’s house, the aroma of freshly baked bread brings everyone together.

Beer – Thirty:

The perfect gift for those beer-lovers in your life. Scents of spices, herbs, citrus, and earthy hops will have you ready to crack open a cold one.

Bug Off:

You’ll love the scent. The bugs? Not so much. They’ll be sure to stay away.

Burley Peaches:

Fruity, fresh, and well… Just Peachy!


Marshmellow-metlin’ good, this campfire scented candle will bring the wilderness to you.

Cherry Blossoms:

Nothing better than a walk in the park enjoying the first glimpse of spring’s arrival with cherry blossoms blooming overhead.

Cinnamon Rolls:

Ooey gooey goodness.

Citrus Squeeze:

When life hands you lemons… add a little orange and a dash of cilantro, and vualá: Citrus Squeeze by Artisan’s Aromas.

Coffee House:

You ever just walk into your favorite coffee shop and never want to leave? Now you can get that feeling in the comfort of your own home… Barista! I’ll have another.

Cowboy Boots:

This fragrance will have you screamin’ “yeeehaawwwwww”!


Awaken your senses with this fragrance. Fresh, clean, and invigorating notes of theses leaves will have you calm and relaxed.

Fresh Landscape:

Immerse yourself in the scent of a freshly maintained lawn and garden.

Hazelnut Latte:

With a warm mug between your hands, you breath in before that first sip…mmmm… hazelnut latte.


Bring a little sweetness into your life with this little jar of happiness. Be warned, though, this honeysuckle candle attracts the most interesting of creature…

Hot Cider:

Nothing soothes the soul on a cool fall night like a mug full of hot cider, but we think our ‘Hot Cider’ candle comes in a close second.

Laundry Room:

Wash. Dry. Fold. Done.


The perfect relaxation companion, the calming scent of this candle will evoke an environment of tranquility after a long day.


A bouquet of lilac flowers in fresh bloom as the breeze drifts through the house. This is the scent of summer.


Fresh as the breeze blows, that sweet Magnolia southern smell will have you drifting away dreaming of a Southern Belle.


Paddle out and enjoy a soothing, salty breeze.

Orange Crush:

Freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with a splash of lemon-lime poured in shaker – The Eastern Shore drink of choice.


Perfect for those long stressful days. Scents to calm and ease the long days with a sweet fragrance and notes of musk.


Nothing says a walk through the woods like the smell of fresh pine.

Pumpkin Pie:

Fresh out of the oven and into your heart. This candle will be sure to get you craving a slice of delicious pumpkin pie…ok, maybe 2.

Rain Drop:

Enjoy a summer rainfall without the need to remember your umbrella.

Red Blend:

So, you had a long week. It’s finally Friday. Time to pour yourself a nice, big glass of your favorite Red Blend wine. Oh wait… it’s only Thursday! It’s ok, you have yourself an Artisan’s Aromas Red Blend candle. It’s not aged to perfection, but it’s perfect for any age.

Red Delicious:

As you bite into a crisp, juicy red delicious apple, your senses are flooded with this sweet aroma.

Red Rose:

Like a fresh bouquet of roses, this candle will warm your heart and deliver a smile.

Sangria Nights:

Want those carefree summer nights with juicy delicious sangrias on the beach? This soy candle is full of a fruity explosion. BOOM. squish. Mixed with sweet red wine and hints of citrus, this fragrance will have reminder you of those summer nights. (no fruit was harmed in the making of this candle)

Sweet Vanilla:

Could be ice cream, could be the sweetener you put in your coffee. It’s sweet. It’s vanilla. It’s sweet vanilla.

The Gentleman:

Clean shave, fresh suit, and a seductive cologne. The only thing this candle can’t do is hold the door for you.

Weekend Flannel:

A warm cozy hug with notes of bergamot, mahogany and hints of musk. This is a fall favorite.

Wild Cherry:

It’s the sweet cherry on top of the perfect day… with a side of wild ?

Christmas Pop’n’Berry:

Nothing beats decorations that you can eat. Stringing up popcorn and cranberries is a delicious holiday tradition. We put all of that fun and fragrance into a hand-poured soy candle for you to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

Gingerbread Cookies:

Enjoy the sweet aroma that fills the room when you pull a fresh batch of these holiday animal crackers out of the oven.

Holiday Wreath:

How are you supposed to enjoy the soothing scent of a holiday wreath when you’ve plopped it on the outside of your front door? Introducing the magical Holiday Wreath scent from Artisan’s Aromas. It’ll fill your home with holiday cheer in no time!

Hot Cocoa:

Snuggle in with this warm delight that is rich with notes of dark chocolate and mixed with swirls of fresh vanilla cream.

Peppermint Mocha Brittle:

Caution: Peppermint Mocha Brittle candle may cause irresistible urges to stuff your face with sweets. Or, it might just fill your home with a chocolaty holiday scent. Hard to say which one. You’ve been warned.

Yuletide Greetings:

We know ‘yule’ love this candle (haha see what I did there?)! Now that I’ve gotten that pun out of the way… This candle will greet your family and friends with a warm holiday scent that will spread cheer to even the most Scrooge-like people around.